Friday, November 26, 2010

better than shopping in your underwear

As one would expect, the Black Friday/Cyber Monday ads are in full force. Some are creative (the OCD Target lady has made my laugh a few times), but for the most part they are 30-second hits of in-your-face consumerism.
Growing up with parents who could both take or leave the mall - on second thought, mom could sometimes take it and dad would always chose to leave it – Cyber Monday has more appeal than Black Friday ever did. I mean, who could argue with the ‘Shop in Your Underwear’ possibilities? Especially when that means not having to find a parking spot or fight for a table at the Food Court.
But lately I’ve been thinking that there’s something even better than the prospect of getting all the Christmas shopping done in your skivvies.
I’ve recently read several books that have added to the thought process, but the one that addresses it specifically is Advent Conspiracy. It’s a short, easy read and I think makes a point that lots of us have been missing.
Spend less. Give more. Worship fully. Love all.
Christmas can still change the world.
Find their website here.
It’s convicting and challenging, but wow.
The authors of the book (and the movement) articulate some of the same thoughts and convictions that lead us to start 2tL and to offer our alternative gift tags.
Our good friend Julie Jack produced some more amazing art pieces for the gift tags that you can attach to a gift or put in an envelope.
We believe in each of the 3 projects that we chose, and can’t think of a better way to celebrate the coming of the King than to redeem lives through adoption, orphan care, and clean water projects. Join us.
Christmas is still changing the world.

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