Monday, August 29, 2011

Meet the Team: Michelle

       Six years ago I was at high school camp and I was asked to help watch the rec staff leader's new baby girl during recreation. I was sweating it out, wondering how in the world I was going to help change a diaper. Luckily, someone rescued me from that job! Fast-forward to present day and I am typing this blog post in a dark hall, waiting for my two three-year-olds and my five-year-old to fall asleep. My shorts are covered in toothpaste, my mascara is smudged to match the dark circles under my eyes, I have to "go potty", two of the kids are screaming for me, and piles of laundry wait downstairs. Still, motherhood is a beautiful thing. I wouldn't trade all the "I love you, Mommy" moments and the kisses for anything.
       Jonathan and I got married 8 years ago and it has been a very cool thing to be a team. We have an imperfect marriage, but love and respect each other greatly. We balance each other out in ways I never knew I needed. Keegan came first (not trying), just three years in. He is my smart and mild-mannered boy. Next came Jack, 18 months later as a surprise, energetic, funny and loving.

       My husband is adopted and through a sequence of events, we realized that one day we wanted to do just that. Watching my BFF, Christine, walk through her years of infertility and grief while I was popping out babies was miserable. I cried often for us as friends. Somehow, God grew us closer through all of it. When they brought Preslee home from the hospital and then 9 months later adopted her, my heart said, "Wouldn't that be amazing to experience?" But, I was not sure God wanted US to put it into action. (Sometimes our heads and own personal goals get in the way of God's whisperings!) It was something we always "said" or "thought" we were going to do...Until, this past February. Through various ways, God got a hold of me and said, "Adopt."
       Three weeks ago we got the placement call for a three-year-old little girl. I am sure many more blogs will come of this. It has been a very eye-opening experience and a roller coaster rise of the highest hills and lowest dips. Rocking her to bed each night while singing praise songs to her is beautiful. Her ears are being filled with truth every night...and so are mine. Brushing her hair, reading princess books, and getting her sweet hugs are some extra bonuses.  Fostering to adopt is not exactly the easiest ride. We could lose her at any point to a family member. However, I will say this, it is not about us. We are just part of His plan for her life. He does not need us to rescue her from the life she may be subjected to because He is powerful enough to save her however he chooses. The pictures that I see of some orphans across seas were the same as photos taken by CPS of my little three-year-old. And guess what... She lived less than 30 miles from me. Not everyone is called to foster or adopt, but the needs are tremendous. My heart in 2theLeast is to put feet to meeting these needs and to help others realize the needs right at their doorstep.

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