Saturday, August 14, 2010

same blog::different vision

hey everyone.
if there is anyone that still visits.

i just wanted to touch base and say that there are a couple of reasons why this blog has been neglected. first reason, if im just being honest with myself, i am terrible at follow through. i don't have many excuses - ok, none at all. as for our family. we are doing great. preslee is now 4 months old and just a complete delight. she is just the cutest thing we have ever seen! at some point (if my lack of follow through doesn't get the best of me AGAIN) i will be setting up a family blog for us.

but for now.... the second reason.

the exciting news is that because of all the love and support zach and i had during our adoption process, we began to think. think about what it would look like to make '2theleast' a non-profit. think about how we could bless others as we have been blessed. think about how we could help fulfill the Great Commission by living out matthew 25:35--feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, taking in strangers, clothing the naked, and visiting the sick and imprisoned. my sister, natalie and friend michelle and i have been daydreaming since the day we had our packing/shipping party for the tshirts. and here is where we stand.

we are working on our "non-profit" status and all that is involved
we are praying. a lot.
we are beginning the first stages of a 2theleast "project". it is called art25.
we are praying. a lot.
we are trying to develop a relationship with an orphanage in africa - by raising funds to send natalie on a trip in just a few weeks (more details to come)
we are praying. a lot.
we are anxious to see where the Lord would lead this ministry in our love for orphans, adoption and His kingdom.

we are still so overwhelmed by the support shown in our adoption journey and pray that we will be able to support many others in this same journey.

stay tuned for details and announcements as we get 2theleast off the ground!
love you all.
christine, michelle, and natalie

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