Saturday, August 14, 2010

the best laid plans...

As many of you know, we are a group of friends who are embarking on a new adventure. It simultaneously feels like the culmination of years of work the Lord has done in each of us and like it's just the beginning. As God tends to do, He has used recurring themes in books, sermons, conversations, Scripture and experiences to bring us to this point. We are so excited to report that Art25 (a project of 2theLeast) is off to a great start and we anticipate having our first sets of postcards for sale in early September.
Our initial goals of supporting and advocating for international orphan care and domestic adoption have not changed, but we wanted to update you on how some of the details have. Our first plan was to partner with Equipping with Truth Ministries to come alongside Mama Mary and her orphanage in Kampala, Uganda. Using what we believe is some Holy Spirit-led discernment, all the connections we have to Mama Mary have decided to break ties with her ministry. The result is two fold. Equipping with Truth Ministries, along with some other ministry connections in North and South Carolina, are headed to Kampala in September to begin a brand new orphanage and they have asked Natalie to travel with them. On that trip the group will secure housing, interview potential staff, and begin NGO registration to hopefully begin taking in children before the end of the year. What this means for 2theLeast is that instead of using some of the funds generated by Art25 to send Natalie and a few others over with a larger team in October or November, the trip has to be paid for in about 3 weeks. We feel strongly that being in on the beginning of this exciting new ministry will serve 2theLeast well by establishing a great connection for future partnership in ministry. Having a representative on this first trip will allow 2theLeast to be better informed about the needs of the new orphanage and to be better able to discern how to direct future Art25 funds.
None of our plans for 2theLeast or Art25 have ever included asking for direct support. Our intent has always been to use the internet and creativity to sell products to raise the funds, but we have found ourselves in a time crunch. So, we are counting on you. First, to support us and this new orphanage in prayer. We know that it is God’s will for orphans to be cared for by His people and we want to be a part of His work in the specific lives of the children and staff that He will bring in Kampala. Secondly, we’d like for you to consider donating toward the cost of the trip. We know that our Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills and that this is no obstacle to Him. We are trusting Him that He will bring the $2,000-$2,500 needed for this first trip and that He will continue to bless as He already has and will allow us a front-row seat for His movement among the Nations.
Thanks for supporting us as we step out in faith.

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