Sunday, September 12, 2010

Buy Postcards :: Support Orphans

Call it a launch; or a genesis; or a jump off a huge cliff… but here they are! We’ve got a name and a logo and even a checking account, but now, we’ve got a project. Our first set of postcards are designed and ready to be ordered and our greatest hope is that they are going to accomplish much more than getting a short message from your house to some one else’s. You, too, can own 12 of the best-lookin postcards you ever did see. We’ll be taking orders from Monday, September 13th through Friday, the 24th. Click on the above "Order Art 25 Cards" tab and take a look. You can order by clicking on the "buy now" button on the right sidebar.

AND, the very best part is that the money you spend will do some incredible things. This month a brand new orphanage is just starting to impact an area of Kampala, Uganda, and we get to have a front-row seat for all that God is going to do in the lives of the little ones who will call it home. Because the work is just starting, we are not sure of the specific needs just yet, but we are excited about helping with things from school tuition to protein-rich meals to a library full of books. We will also be sending representatives to Kampala in February to get to see the work first hand. We’ll have updates on the orphanage and photos up soon.

The other thing that we want to support (and advocate for) is domestic adoption. Our commitment with this first set of cards is for half of what is raised to go to help offset the cost of adoption for a family. We are not sure who or where yet, but how fun would it be to have so much come in that we could spread it around? We’ll certainly let you know how those funds are spent, too.

Thanks for joining us in the journey to literally minister to the needs of the least of these.

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